My Valentine | Wellington Baby Photography

My own little sweetheart got a few shots taken between my Valentine Mini Sessions today… Continue reading


Ava | One Year Portraits | Wellington Baby Photography

This was a wonderful session of firsts – not only was it Ava’s first birthday celebration, but it was also her very first experience with cake and balloons!

001-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

001-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography-2

A little unsure at first, I think she warmed to the idea of the whole thing in the end!

005-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

006-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

002-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

003-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

004-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

007-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

Thanks to the lovely Marika of M’s Cakes and Cupcakes for providing the gorgeous butterfly cake for the occasion.

Top 10: 2012 in Review

As we approach the end of another year (or is that the end of it all if you believe what the Mayans are saying?) I like to look back on the year that was, and pick out the images I’ve shot that are my personal favourites.

As hard as it was to choose, here are my”Top 10″ for 2012 for your viewing pleasure and in no particular order…

120811 [FB 001] Angela Vidal Photography
Ella & Joy, Mother & Daughter Portrait
120812 [FB 002] Angela Vidal Photography
Ailene, Model Shoot
120923 [FB 005] Angela Vidal Photography
Nari & Kevin’s Maternity shoot
120909 [FB 004] Angela Vidal Photography
Entertainer Bon Bon Rocher
121117 [FB 010] Angela Vidal Photography
Amy, 6 Weeks Old
120819 [FB 003] Angela Vidal Photography
Sisters Lia & Rebecca
121103 [FB 008] Angela Vidal Photography
Sleeping Zoe
120929 [FB 001] Angela Vidal Photography
Phoenix the Schnauzer
121020 [FB 007] Angela Vidal Photography
Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead Creative Shoot
121104 [FB 001] Angela Vidal Photography
2013 is going to be an exciting year and I look forward to bringing you new work soon… But for now, I’m looking forward to a well-earned rest to enjoy the Christmas holidays with my loved ones!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fulfilling and Happy New Year!


2011 In Photographs

2010 was a huge year for me in many ways, but one of the positive aspects of it was to start my little photography page.  2,051 photographs later, I thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a year end review – to look back and reflect on the work I had done and how I had improved in that time… it was such an eye opener I’m doing it again this year.

However, this year, it was a lot harder to choose my ‘top 10’ (for a start I had an extra 5,000 odd photos to choose from!)  But I did it!  So for your viewing pleasure, and in no particular order…my personal favourites I’ve shot from the past twelve months:

“Marika’s Maternity”

Marika is a dear friend of mine and it’s been such as special year for her.  She’s one of those lucky ladies who “glows” during pregnancy and now she is a mum to the most beautiful wee boy in the world, Xander, who seriously melts my heart!

“Forever Blowing Bubbles”

Guests at a wedding entertaining themselves after the ceremony.

“Fire & Ice”

This was one of my favourite creative shoots of the year, it turned out exactly how I had imagined and in no small part this was thanks to the talent of Rebecca Gallagher-Scott (model) and Clint (Dezire salon)…for creating hair that was a work of art!

“Anna in Awe”

I absolutely love this image of little Anna (6 months).  As adults, we tend to take so much for granted.  But with babies, everything is amazing and new.

“Esther Rocks the Dress”

Ingredients for a perfect “Rock the Dress” shot:  Take one beautiful bride, add a stunning dress, combine with photographer’s favourite wedding venue (Erskine, Island Bay) and you have the above.

“Fallen Angel”

The portrayal of a heavenly creature, fallen from grace.  She is full of sorrow and remorse for the terrible sin she has committed…

“No, Ruby!”

Although she looks like a rather large dog, Ruby (a chocolate Lab) is only four months old here, with all the endless energy you’d expect from a puppy…making it difficult to get her to sit long enough for a photo.  This shot was taken just after she got told off by “mum” for misbehaving… doesn’t she look sorry for herself?!

“Loved Up”

One of the best parts of being a photographer for me is capturing interaction between people when they forget briefly that the camera is on them…


This makes my top 10 simply because it is a stunning shot of a stunning girl.  Melanie, you should totally be a model!


I met Kezia when she and her then Fiance/now Husband Clinton came to see me for their engagement session, and then their wedding.  We got on so well I suggested a “Rock the Dress” session to her.  The day we ended up shooting this on was not the best at Breaker Bay… but Kezia was an absolute sport and not worried in the slightest about lying on the sand and getting soaked by the waves!  We even had some tourists stop to watch and take photos of us!  This is my favourite image from the day – she just looks stunning.