Rosalyn | Newborn Portraits | Wellington Newborn Photography

This series of images are very special to me, and the hardest shoot(s) I have had to do so far! Introducing the reason I’ve been so quiet since May – my little girl Rosie was born 23 June and has been keeping me on my toes ever since!

Newborn shoots are never really easy and I have a new-found respect for all the new parents who have come to me in those first few sleep deprived days to get those precious shots taken!

Normally I would expect to get at least 20 quality images within the session (which can last anywhere up to three hours… but I was only able to manage around 10 images from my own, over a few different days (don’t even mention the time to edit!) …and hubby still told me off for the positions I put myself in post surgery… oops!

But seriously, I couldn’t miss capturing this fleeting moment in time.  Now I have these gorgeous photos to remind me how tiny she was (and how much hair she had at birth for that matter!) 🙂


Ava | One Year Portraits | Wellington Baby Photography

This was a wonderful session of firsts – not only was it Ava’s first birthday celebration, but it was also her very first experience with cake and balloons!

001-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

001-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography-2

A little unsure at first, I think she warmed to the idea of the whole thing in the end!

005-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

006-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

002-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

003-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

004-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

007-20130324 Angela Vidal Photography

Thanks to the lovely Marika of M’s Cakes and Cupcakes for providing the gorgeous butterfly cake for the occasion.

Amy | Newborn Portraits | Wellington Newborn Photography

An old school mate contacted me recently to photograph his newborn little girl. I hadn’t seen Duncan since we were about 12… so we had a little bit of catching up to do on where life had taken us!

It was so lovely to see him all grown up, now with his own beautiful family.  I LOVE being able to capture such special milestones in life!

Here are some of my favourite moments from our session.

[PROOF 003] 121117 Angela Vidal Photography [PROOF 015] 121117 Angela Vidal Photography [PROOF 016] 121117 Angela Vidal Photography [PROOF 017] 121117 Angela Vidal Photography [PROOF 019] 121117 Angela Vidal Photography [PROOF 023] 121117 Angela Vidal Photography