Preparing for your Petite Newborn Session


** Please remember to notify Angela within 48 hours of baby’s arrival so that so your session date can be moved if needed **


What to bring

  • Wipes
  • Disposable nappies (less bulky than reusable)
  • Receiving blankets (2-3)
  • A pacifier (dummy) – even if you don’t plan on using one later
  • Bottles/milk supplies if required
  • Snacks to keep you going (water will be provided)
  • Baby doesn’t need a special outfit as they will be wrapped for the session

Please note: I have a variety of props, headbands and hats that fit within my style to use during the session. I kindly ask that you do not bring your own. If you have something very sentimental that you would like photographed, then please send me a photo of it prior to your session to see if it something I can incorporate.


How to prepare baby in the morning

  • Try to keep baby awake (baths are great) for about an hour before the session so that they fall asleep on the ride over
  • Give baby a good feed just before you leave the house so they are satisfied and fall into a nice deep sleep
  • Please dress baby in an easy to remove button or zip up onesie – nothing that must be pulled over their head (like a jersey) as this can wake them up
  • Try to avoid appointments or visitors on the morning of your session so baby is not over stimulated before our session

A well fed, sleepy baby = more photos


 Who can attend?

I kindly ask that you don’t bring extra family members/friends with you to the session who are not involved with the shoot, as my studio is not large and seating is limited.



Breast feeding mums please try to avoid eating any spicy or gassy foods, heavy dairy, caffeine & chocolate for the 24 hours before your session to avoid any possible upset tummy for baby