Mum – Exist in Photos!

How many photos do you have of you and your Mum together? What about you with your own children? Are you a Mum who is always hiding behind the camera? What memories will you leave for your children to cherish when you are gone?

Angela Vidal Photography’s 2018 Mothers Day Special is a single beautiful portrait – yours for just $25. Or a Collection of five images for $250. Book now, as spaces are limited.

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Mothers Day 2018 Bookings

I’m ready for Mothers Day 2018!

A gorgeous gift for Mum, portraits of herself with her babies… whatever their age, be it 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months, or 8 years!  (You get the idea).

Purchase a moment frozen in time for yourself, or as a gift voucher for a Mum you love! A single portrait for just $25, or a beautiful Collection of 5 images to be treasured for $250.



Sloane| 3 Weeks New | Wellington Newborn Photography

Here’s my very first “Behind the Scenes” of an Express Newborn Session, with the lovely Sloane.  I hope you enjoy watching as much as I had fun making!  I can definitely see this becoming a part of more of my future sessions ❤

If you are thinking about booking in for your own newborn session, its best to book while you are still pregnant to avoid missing out on a date! Newborn portraits are best when taken in the first two weeks after birth. However, if you’ve recently had your baby – contact me at to work out the best session type for you.