Meet Charlie, one of the easiest, most laid back newborns I’ve photographed to date!  

I don’t think he opened his eyes once during our session… he was so happy to just let me pose him however I fancied and he carried on dreaming!

Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 047Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 048Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 049Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 050Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 052Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 053Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 054Angela Vidal Photography - Newborns - 055

Charlie’s mum requested a nice and neutral palette for his session, which I always think works really well.

If you are thinking about booking in for your own newborn session, its best to book while you are still pregnant to avoid missing out on a date! Newborn portraits are best when taken in the first two weeks after birth. However, if you’ve recently had your baby – contact me at to work out the best session type for you.

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